Tech Talent Tuesday: Dongwoo

First name: Dongwoo 
Nick Name: dwoo
Project Manager and Lead Software Architect (Was this your original title at Spokeo?) No, I started as Senior Software Engineer

Tell us about your job. What do you do?

I make sure everyone in backend engineering is happy coming to office for work every day. As a team, we support the backend data and infrastructure to reach our company’s goal and vision.

Life before Spokeo:

I was a graduate student at USC finishing my masters and PhD in computer science.

Most interesting Spokeo Project:

Merge in 1 day. We came up with a scalable infrastructure that enabled us to link any number of raw records into people records in less than a day (currently at 12B in 18hrs). This technology is still evolving and will help our company moving towards the next level. I am really proud of this technology and thankful to people like Jun-young and Xilong who spent days and nights with me to get this done.

Favorite Spokeo event ever:

First office expansion party in 2011 at the office. There was no limit of +1’s. It was just crazy and amazingly fun. 

Words of Advice:

Be the best example for others