Tempted to Spy on Your Boyfriend?

Every time his phone buzzes your heart sinks. But he’s laughing. What is going on? Are you crazy, or is he cheating on you? You’ve asked him point blank (and that wasn’t easy to do) and he said no. But you’re sick with doubt. Doubt can be as destructive as an affair and finding the truth can bring closure – or erase your doubts for good.

But getting to the truth might mean you have to spy on your boyfriend. If you are going to do that, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get ready to play dirty. It won’t be easy, but here’s how you can do it.

Know Who He’s Texting

He’s texting someone that makes him smile. He takes his phone into another room, he locks himself in the bathroom for hours. What’s he doing in there? Who is he talking to? Does he think you’re stupid? Well you aren’t stupid but you are in the dark. If you can get a hold of his phone and pull some numbers off of it, you can find out just who’s he been texting. You can check your phone bill too.

Once you have a number, plug it into a reverse lookup service, add your best guess for a location and see who pops up. You’ll get a list of likely candidates – drill down to likely candidates and check out their social media profiles. Is it someone you know? Someone he’s friends with online? The reverse lookup is the fastest way to turn a phone number, email, name or social medial handle into a real person.

Know Who He’s Swiping

Tinder is without a doubt the number one dating app in the world. Chances are if he’s looking for a hookup he’s on Tinder. But how can you see if he’s using the service if he deletes the app? You can check out swiperbuster and see if he’s logged on recently. If he is swiping people he may be texting them – right back to the first tip. Get the number and find out who they are.

Spyware: Pros & Cons

If you want to install spyware, you will certainly get some answers – most spyware can track your boyfriend’s location, show you his text messages, and let you know who he’s calling.

Spyware ranges in features. Some is covert, others are right there on his phone. Maybe loading visible spyware and hiding the app in a folder or somewhere else on his phone will give you a sense of satisfaction if you bust him. Maybe being totally untraceable is better for you.

On the other hand, if you get busted – and you were wrong – things are going to look very bad for you. Some spyware is expensive too, with monthly fees and large one-time purchase fees. It may be easier to just check the phone bill to see who he’s texting.

What To Do if You’re Right

If you’re right, and he’s cheating on you, it will hurt but at least you’ll know the truth. Therapy is a first step, to help open a line of communication and work through this. Or you can just end it. Either way, you can’t move forward until you know the truth.

There are a lot of ways to bust a cheating boyfriend with his own phone. All it takes a few mins to install a spyware app, lift a strange number or see who he’s swiping. The next time he leaves his phone unattended you could try it – yes it may feel sleazy but it’s best to know the truth.