To Call or Not To Call: Phone Numbers and First Dates

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Imagine a typical Friday night out with the girls, dancing and laughing, having a grand time. Across the dance floor, you spot Mr. Wonderful and he’s spotted you too. Before you know it, you’ve exchanged phone numbers with the promise of a romantic dinner. You make your way back to your friends, still glowing with excitement, but that soon wears off and you realize you don’t know anything about this guy. He could be anybody. What do you do? Blow him off entirely and throw the number away, never knowing if he was Mr. Right? Or take your chances on a perfect stranger, possibly putting yourself in harm’s way? Before you decide, do a little research on the number you have with Spokeo’s reverse phone search (also known as reverse phone lookup and phone number lookup).

Spokeo’s reverse phone search may provide the following information:

  • Names associated with the phone number: Did he give you his real name? Is he married or is it his mother that’s still paying his phone bill? One thing that can potentially be discovered using the search is the name associated with the phone number. It can also include people who have been associated with it in the past, which might give you even more insight on the person you met.

  • Location history: When looking for a potential partner, it’s important to get a sense of who they are when they’re not putting their best foot forward. By using the reverse phone lookup, you can find the location history of the soon-to-be suitor, which may include current or past addresses of the person you’re searching for. Maybe you know of someone in that area that knows them and can give you the inside scoop, or maybe it will give you an idea of who they spend their time with!

  • Email address: An email address alone might not give you a lot of info about the potential suitor, but this is where our reverse email search can be useful. Try typing that email address into one of our search bars to see which networks the person might have accounts with, whether they’re social networking sites, dating sites, or other online accounts.

  • Age: We’ve all been warned about people who lie about their ages. One feature that can help uncover this falsehood is the month and year of birth that can be found using the reverse phone lookup. Simply type in the phone number and, if we have the month or year of birth, you can view it directly on our search results. Seeing that a “mature 25” actually means 40 years old might change your mind about the person’s character and save you from wasting your time!

In this world, it’s not easy to find your soul mate; it’s even more difficult when you have to weed out those that aren’t worth your time. Use reverse phone lookup to do a little research before you make the decision to call or not to call!