To Catch A Thief: Reverse Phone Search (A True Story)

Catch a Thief

Years after her mother had passed, Dian had still yet to enter the room or move any of the treasured belongings. She decided that it was finally time and opened her home up to a person in need. She took on a new roommate, Wendy, who’d come to Florida from Atlanta.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out and after only a few days, Dian asked Wendy to leave. When Wendy did clear out, she cleared out with many of Diane’s precious items (that belonged to her mother) as well. Diane turned for help, but no one could track the woman down.

All she had for the woman was a cellphone number and it wasn’t until she plugged that number into Spokeo’s Reverse Phone Search, that she found some answers.

“Thanks to Spokeo, I was able to discover all of her aliases and multiple addresses!”

She turned this information over to local authorities and found out that her temporary roommate had been a criminal since 1948 and is facing criminal charges in multiple states for theft.

Through Spokeo, Dian also connected with Wendy’s mother-in-law and has been in regular contact with her, putting the pieces together.

Dian was able to do some additional sleuthing of her own by referencing the old addresses on Spokeo  and called many small storage facilities. When “Wendy” showed up at a Georgia facility, she was arrested on the spot.

Though Diane and her neighbors haven’t yet been able to recover all of their missing items, they can at least rest assured that the woman is behind bars and will face justice. We’re so happy to have been helpful in this case!