Who-Called-Me App: Fight Back Against Annoying Telemarketers Calls

How to identify and stop unknown callers

Buzzfeed often posts lists of “the most annoying” things about daily life: stubbed toes, traffic jams, forced iTunes updates, etc. No list of annoying things is truly complete, however, without the now-ever-present phenomenon of receiving multiple calls a day from an unknown telephone number.  

If you’re wondering “who called me?”, here are some simple-yet-powerful tools to help you quickly find the truth and stop any not-good vibrations on your phone.

“How Can I Find Out Who Called Me?”: Simple Ways that Really Work

We all got unknown calls – sometimes family or old friends are reaching out in hopes of reconnecting or maybe it’s your bestie is calling from a new phone number that you don’t stored in your contacts. The easiest way to answer the question “who’s calling me?” without having to pick up is to enter the mystery number into a people search engine and run what’s commonly known as a reverse phone lookup. Depending on the results available, you could find the caller’s full name, age, address and more insightful info. If, after viewing your search results, you don’t recognize the person and are wondering “Who’s this person calling me from this number?” you can run a quick search on their first and last name. The search engine will lookup the person and try to find you more information including the location of the person who called you.

Although occasionally those unknown callers are friends calling you from a new number, most are unfortunately direct-marketing salespeople (aka telemarketers). Oftentimes, the same salesperson will call repeatedly in hopes that you’ll eventually give in to your curiosity and pick up the phone and buy something from them. But you have to stay strong! There’s an effective solution at your fingertips that you can use to protect yourself from unwanted calls without having to speak with them directly.

Unmask Telemarketers: Now It’s Easy!

Telemarketers are pesky, and for good reason: their business depends on you answering your phone. While many telemarketers, do work for legitimate businesses, many are scam-artists looking to cold call you into being their next victim.

Telemarketing calls can be tricky to spot, as they often use hard-to-trace (usually toll-free) numbers. If you’ve been receiving calls from strange area codes, you’re probably wondering “How can I find out who called me?” Now you can easily enter the cell phone number here to see if they’ve been flagged as telemarketers. Spokeo also gives you the option to file a complaint to help identify and report intrusive callers. Many telemarketing numbers will already have multiple reports filed by other users who ran a search to find out who was calling them. Now you have a way to answer to one of the most frequent questions people have in regards to mystery calls: “How do I find out who called me?”

Who’s Calling Me?”: There’s an App for That…

People used to advise that you add yourself to the National Do Not Call Registry, which would supposedly remove you from telemarketing directories. Unfortunately, that list has proved totally useless in the fight against mobile phone spam. In the 21st century, we have smart technologies that help make our lives more comfortable and safe – if you have a reverse phone search app, there’s no need to wonder whose number keeps calling.

You can also download the reverse phone lookup app to identify unknown callers and block them for you. So, the good news is that technology is solving problems that the government can’t. Spokeo’s unique app has been designed to give you peace of mind. Just a few easy steps will help you learn who keeps calling you day after day. Is it a telemarketer or an old friend? Maybe it’s an old flame hoping to rekindle what you once shared. In any case, it’s easy to learn about callers using Spokeo’s app.

So, get the caller identification app and you’ll be one step closer to never again wondering “who’s calling me from an unknown number?” You’ll find your phone’s ringtone will be a whole lot less annoying if you know who called you and where they called from.