Who’s He Texting? Search to Find Out With This Amazing Tool

Smartphones are designed to make our lives easier but they often have some unintended side effects. A smartphone provides all kinds of convenient ways of staying in touch with friends and family but concerns may arise when you realize your boyfriend is spending way more time on his phone than usual.

Have you noticed him tilting his phone away from you when he receives a text message? Does he regularly smile to himself while reading the text that just came in? Does he gets annoyed and brush you off when you ask him what’s so funny?

You’re starting to get this feeling that something’s not quite right. Your relationship is in danger and you’re developing a suspicion that he might be talking to someone he shouldn’t be. Who keeps texting him? What can you do to find out?

Luckily there’s an easy solution. If you’re facing a similar situation, read on to find out how you can look up who he’s calling and texting.

Who He’s Texting?

For some time now you’ve noticed him behaving differently towards you. The sudden lack of interest he’s showing makes you suspicious that something’s up. You want to know why but you’ve got to be careful in how you approach the issue. You don’t want to use his changed behavior to accuse him of cheating only to find out that he’s just extra stressed about work or having trouble with his family.

Signs of Cheating

There are ways to feel out if your suspicion is well-founded without asking him directly. Before jumping to conclusions and going into attack-mode, check out these cheating warnings signs to see if you recognize one or more of them.

  • He’s overprotective of his phone
  • He’s taking a long time responding you back
  • He instantly gets up and leaves the room when his phone buzzes
  • His mood is irritable when you’re around
  • He always feels distant
  • Doesn’t answer questions
  • Has to “work late” far more than usual

If you recognize one or more of these cheating signs, you just might be onto something. With the widespread popularity of both social media and dating apps, cheating is easier than ever. He might have not even met up with anybody else yet – that doesn’t mean he isn’t cheating by talking to other women online.  

Luckily, you have the ability to turn the tables and catch him red-handed. If you think he may be talking to others, you can take matters into your own hands.

Time to Take Action

If you recognize multiple cheating signs and are now extremely confident that he’s up to something, just go ahead and ask him. He may come clean and share with you that he doesn’t think your relationship is going anywhere. While it will hurt to hear, if that’s the case then you’re ultimately better off for it in the long run. If he insists that nothing is wrong and gets overly defensive, it may be time to try to do your own research.

The first step is to try to find the phone numbers he’s been calling or texting. If you have a shared phone plan, you can see the numbers on your phone bill or ask your provider to give them to you. You can use a reverse phone lookup tool to try to identify the owner of those numbers he’s been calling or texting.

What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup tool can help you trace the person who’s he texting secretly. It’s a simple, practical and anonymous way to confirm your suspicions. This tool can be a real lifesaver since asking him didn’t work as he lied about who he was talking to. It can help you confirm that you weren’t making it all up and that he wasn’t worthy of your trust in the first place.

Many US phone numbers are now traceable with the advent of people search technology and Spokeo’s reverse phone lookup tool. A reverse phone search sifts through thousands and thousands of public records to tie a person’s information to the phone number that they use. Once you have a caller’s name, you can take a look through the available info such as:

  • Caller’s Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Social Profiles
  • Contact Information
  • Known Relatives
  • Criminal Records (additional fees may apply for this one)

This information may be enough for you to confirm that he’s been calling or texting others that he hasn’t told you about. You can even show the search results to him and see how he tries to explain himself.

After finding the truth about who he’s talking to, you’ll hopefully have some well-deserved peace of mind. While it may be hard to accept at this very moment, just know you’ve saved yourself from future heartbreak. You won’t be wasting any more of  your valuable time being with someone who doesn’t respect you the way they should.

If you think your partner is cheating on you, search those phone numbers today to look up who he’s chatting with behind your back.