6 Ways Online Dating is Way Better than Real-Life Dating

Online dating is the new singles bar. Statistics say that one in five couples meet online whether through traditional dating sites or using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Is In Real Life dating dead? Not quite, but there’s certainly a growing faction of people who’d argue that online dating is far superior to the in-person game. Here are six ways online dating is way better than looking for love in real life…

1. Distance Doesn’t Narrow Your Options

Traditionally, your dating pool was limited to the people in your immediate vicinity. Thanks to the magic of the internet and tools like video chat, online dating is bridging the gap between cities, countries, and even continents. Not even language barriers can stop love anymore; some dating sites employ full time translators just to help singles in different parts of the world communicate!

2. Dating Online is Far More Efficient

We live in a streamlined world. There’s an app for everything, a calendar appointment always just a few minutes away, and we’re never far from our devices. Dating online is way more efficient than IRL dating in that you can scour literally hundreds of prospects in an hour – what dance club gives you those kinds of odds? The downside to this efficiency is that the sheer number of singles can sometimes feel overwhelming so it helps to stay organized and specific about what you’re looking for.

3. Technology Does the Heavy Lifting

On most sites, complex algorithms are used to match singles with enhanced levels of compatibility. That kind of service is something a matchmaker simply can’t provide, especially with a limited pool of daters to draw from. When you can automatically weed out everyone who smokes or hates cats you might just save yourself a lot of time and a few bad first dates to boot!

4. You Can Craft Your Image Carefully

Much like a resume, your dating site profile should be a perfect representation of what you have to offer. If you’re particularly shy or nervous in person, online dating can help you feel confident about presenting yourself since you get plenty of behind-the-scenes time to hone your image. The right picture, answers, and screen name can attract a mate before you ever even communicate!

5. Online Dating is Often Cheaper

Dating in real life – particularly if you’re usually paying – gets expensive! Between dinner and a movie it’s easy to spend $100 per evening. Most dating sites require a monthly membership fee of $20-$40 but the number of “dates” you get to ostensibly take online far eclipse the number you could afford in person.

6. Everyone’s Doing It

For younger generations in particular, IRL dating is done. Even successful couples who meet in real life are far more likely to have met at a group function or doing a joint hobby than they are to have taken the traditional dating route. The best thing about online dating is how acceptable it’s become among millennials and other single generations. Over 40,000,000 Americans can’t be wrong!

Do you prefer online dating or dating in real life? Both have their pros and cons…tell us about your experiences!