A Four-Legged Reunion

Pets are like family and for a dog or cat owner, there’s no scarier thought than your pet going missing. Unfortunately, pets stray from home much more often than we could have though. According to Petfinder, the American Humane Society estimates that there are over 10 million stolen or lost dogs and cats in the U.S. every year. Petfinder also states that one in three pets will become lost at some point during their life. That’s absolutely awful!

At Spokeo, we’re focused on helping people connect, but we’re here to help furry friends in need too! Recently, we heard from one very lively customer about how our search tools were integral in getting one special Siberian Husky back to his family…

One late night, dog finder/Spokeo user (and organizer of Lost and Found Paws in LA Metro Area Facebook Group) Helen Trimble, came across an online message from a family who was missing their beloved Husky. It noted that the family couldn’t “eat or sleep” without “Sly” and that they “missed him terribly.” Helen knew she was needed and immediately began her tried and true search methods. She located a “found dog” post that she was pretty sure matched Sly’s description, down to his “yellow Tweedy Bird collar.” She was thrilled to tell the family as soon as she could, but there was a complication — Sly’s family had forgotten to include their contact information in the original message!

Helen knew exactly what to do. “We went on Spokeo and we found the address!”

Being that it was so late at night, she wasn’t sure if they should wait for the morning, but the person who had found Sly noted that if the family wasn’t eating or sleeping they’d probably appreciate getting him back no matter what time of night. So with Helen as her guide on the speakerphone, she biked to Sly’s family’s house and the family was joyfully reunited with their dog.

Spokeo is thrilled to have provided the missing link in a crucial and stressful moment.

If you ever find a lost dog and need to look up its owner’s information, simply plug in the details you know such as name or phone number at www.spokeo.com.