Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Search Angel Awards


Spokeo Honors Dedicated Volunteers With Second Annual Spokeo Search Angel Awards

Together With Leaders from Adoption Organizations, Leading People Search EngineRecognizes Winners For Their Work Connecting Families Across the Nation

Pasadena, Calif., April 10, 2014 – Spokeo (, the leading people search engine, along with an advisory committee comprised of leaders from a variety of adoption organizations, today announced the honorees of the Annual Spokeo Search Angel Awards: Patricia Ann Neal and Laura Ann Brandl-Witherspoon.

“We hear amazing stories about how volunteers dedicate their own time, effort and resources, the Spokeo Search Angels program is just a small token of our appreciation for the hard work that these individuals do,” says Ray Chen, CEO of Spokeo. “It is the perfect fit to put Spokeo’s technology to such great practical use and we want to honor these individuals for the thousands of connections they have made. We look forward to growing this program and continuing to honor outstanding individuals who are using Spokeo’s technology in ways that truly make a difference.”

“Search Angels” are known throughout the adoption community as volunteers who donate their time and resources to help individuals touched by adoption, foster care and other family separation, search for their family members while providing guidance and emotional support.

Spokeo and the members of the Spokeo Search Angels Advisory Committee selected the two 2014 winners out of more than 20 nominations based on their dedication to helping others navigate the waters of adoption reunion search.

Patricia Ann Neal – An adoptee from Houston, Texas, Patricia Ann Neal began her first search with the decision to find her own biological family. Facing several difficulties in the process, she worked with several search angels to overcome the hurdles and this inspired her own journey to help others do the same. Along with dedicating herself to helping others search, in the past four years, Patricia has become an advocate of adoptee rights speaking to legislatures and working with several adoption groups, supporting adoptees in their search for their families.

Laura Ann Brandl-Witherspoon – Like many adoptees, Laura had unanswered questions about her roots. After a failed reunion attempt through the state of Wisconsin and not being able to afford other services, Laura began to take on the search herself. 12 years in, she discovered the Social Security Index and was reunited with her family within days. The initial search process was frustrating and expensive, but after discovering how simple an online lookup could be, she vowed to volunteer to help others find their own answers. Over the past 14 years, Laura is proud to have helped thousands of families connect.

The newly announced awardees will be honored at the 35th Annual American Adoption Congress in San Francisco, Calif. Friday, April 11th at 2:45 pm. Winners of this annual accolade receive a cash grant from the Spokeo Search Angel fund, hosted by the Mixed Roots Foundation, to help offset the personal costs they incur while searching, a one-year membership for Spokeo search tools and the opportunity for families who are matched by the angels, to elect to participate in a reunion sponsorship covering their travel costs.

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About Spokeo Search Angels Program

In the fall of 2012, Spokeo, the Mixed Roots Foundation and an advisory committee made up of leaders from the adoption community collaborated to create an awards program to honor, recognize and support the work of search volunteers known as search angels. Since the announcement of the first winners in March of 2013, the program has recognized and awarded seven angels and provided reunion sponsorships for multiple families. Spokeo is committed to recognizing search angels and supporting them as they continue to help others search and reunite. The Spokeo Search Angel Awards honor the top search angels in the nation by providing recognition and resources so they can assist more families.

About Spokeo

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