Calling all Search Angels!

It’s been a busy month for us. We started out with a request for veterans who are deserving of free accounts to find their military friends and now we’re looking for Search Angels (volunteers who donate their time to reuniting adoptees and others impacted by family separation search for their families!). A couple of weeks ago, we shared some information about our partnership with Mixed Roots Foundation to honor Search Angels and we’re now ready to begin accepting nominations for the awards. We’ll be accepting nominations starting today, through Friday, November 30.

We want to hear about these amazing souls and the great work that they’ve done. This time we’re not just giving out free accounts; those who win the Spokeo Search Angel Awards will receive a cash grant provided by the Mixed Roots Foundation’s Spokeo Search Angel Fund, a one-year Spokeo account AND the opportunity to have reunion costs covered for matches that they make during their year as “Spokeo Search Angels.”

We are so excited about this effort not only because we want to honor giving volunteers, but because we have had the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and organizations to launch it. We are a technology company with a major expertise in people search… not so much in adoption, so along with partnering with Mixed Roots, we formed an advisory committee of experts and star search angels to help guide the way. The committee has not only helped us shape the program thus far, but they will also be the group reviewing the nominations and helping select the Search Angel Award Winners!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are so excited to introduce you to our amazing advisory committee:


We tip our hats to these talented individuals and are so grateful for their guidance and support thus far. But their job is only half way done! We can’t wait to read and discuss the inspiring stories of search angels across the nation.

Please help us spread the word about this great program so that we can help as many families as possible! You can visit our site to learn more about the program and submit your nomination.