How Our Customers Use Spokeo to Fight Scammers

At Spokeo, we’re always happy to hear the heartwarming stories of how our customers have used Spokeo to reunite with lost loved ones, save themselves from being scammed or catfished, and to know more about the people around them. It’s hard to capture all of the creative ways people have used Spokeo, but we’re always impressed with our customers’ ingenuity. Given the recent news about hacking and our collective concern about being scammed or victims of identity theft, we thought we’d share a quick round-up of how our customers have used Spokeo to defend themselves against shady deals or scams, in their own words.  Enjoy!

A Defense Against Identity Thieves

“Someone was using my information in another state, and I needed to find out who it was. Because of you, I was able to find out who it was and pass the information on to the police.”

Gidget, New York

Action After a Bogus eBay Deal

I was able to get this guy’s first and last name, address, and phone number off of your site! I gave his information to eBay and they got him! They shut down his account! The guys at eBay were actually happy that I was able to get this information as well! You guys’ service is great!

Jeff, Texas

Finding the Right Information for a Lawyer

“I had been scammed on a shady deal, and I was able to find the person and pass on the information to my lawyer. This made it easy to proceed with my legal action. Thanks Spokeo!”

Justin, Texas

Saving Themselves from Craigslist Fraud

“I bought something off of Craiglist that was defective. When I tried to call them back, they wouldn’t pick up. I searched their number and located them. I was able to track them down and get my money back.”

Jarrett, Florida

Protected from Fake Law Enforcement

“Spokeo has been a great experience for me. It worked phenomenally. I was able to research all the information I needed. A young lady called me from a number pretending to be a law enforcement agent, but she wasn’t. She was giving me false information. I searched the number, and got her name, address, and relatives. Thank you so much!” –Kwanita, New York

Spokeo allows you to do reverse phone lookups, reverse email address lookups, reverse address searches, and name and username searches to know more about the people with whom you’re dealing. As our customers mentioned, these searches can help you identify whether someone is lying about his or her identity, or whether they have a past criminal record for fraud, identity theft, and more. Try Spokeo today!