How Spokeo Helped a Worried Daughter Check on Her Elderly Mother

When children are young, parents keep a watchful eye on them. As time goes by, the tables turn, and the child usually starts to look out for their parents. The thought of an elderly parent living alone in another city is sure to cause anxiety for anybody, and even more so if you can’t get ahold of them.

Searching for Mom

Chris’ 90-year old mother, Arlene, lives by herself, but has a neighbor named Kathy who hands her the newspaper daily as a way to check up on her. If Kathy doesn’t see Arlene on any given day, she usually calls Chris’ sister to make sure that she’s safe.

One day, Chris hadn’t heard from her mother, so she decided to give her a call. She didn’t answer, so Chris kept trying for five hours with no luck. Chris also called her sister, to try to contact Kathy, but she wasn’t able to get ahold of her either. As the clock ticked by, Chris grew more and more worried.

Since she wasn’t able to reach her mother or sister, Chris decided that she’d try to contact Kathy directly and ask her to stop by her mom’s house. However, Kathy had usually only contacted Chris’ sister, so Chris didn’t have Kathy’s number. Beyond not having her phone number, there was another problem – she didn’t know Kathy’s last name. She remembered that Kathy’s husband, who had recently passed away, was named Richard. She searched the local newspaper in the town that Kathy lives in for an obituary, found it, and was able to confirm his and Kathy’s last name. Now that she had a full name, she just had to figure out a way to search for Kathy’s contact information.

“And then I found your website! I found her address, and it was right next door to my mother. She was the right age and she was married to a ‘Richard’. The profile showed one child, and I recognized the name. So I knew that it was her.”

Mom’s Okay!

There were three phone numbers listed, and on her first try, she connected with Kathy! She explained that she hadn’t heard from her mother, so Kathy quickly walked over to her house. By that time, Chris’ sister had just arrived as well. They both went inside and saw Arlene sitting on the couch watching TV and reading. She didn’t even realize that something was wrong with her telephone line until everyone explained the situation and that Chris had been trying to get ahold of her for five hours.

“I was pleased with your service. I needed to get a hold of Kathy, and all I had was her first name. I did what I needed to do, and found her on your website.”

We’re happy to hear that we were able to ease Chris’ concern and help her get in contact with a friendly neighbor who checked up on her mother, and gave her peace of mind that she was safe at home.