Treasured Memories

Time may pass, but memories always live on. Diane was cleaning her house and found a bunch of old photographs. As she was looking through them, she realized that a few of them were of an old boyfriend and his son. Although things didn’t

Too Good To Be True

When you receive a call from an unknown phone number, you never know who’s on the other end of the line. With phone scams on the rise, you have to be vigilant and mindful about keeping your information safe. An Appealing Offer

Mama Bear To The Rescue

As a parent, your primary concern is the well-being and safety of your children, and making sure that they feel safe and protected, especially while at home. When the peace is disturbed, you’ll do whatever you can to restore it. A

Big Sister To The Rescue

Being a big sister comes with many responsibilities, one of which is to always look after and protect your siblings. Domonique’s sister, Taylor, was in a toxic and abusive relationship. Taylor’s boyfriend was rough around the edges and

A Risky Friend Request

We’ve all been there - you’re sitting at your computer browsing Facebook when you see that you have a new friend request from a stranger. One of our users, Nancy, received a friend request from a man named Clark with a message saying that

An Old Flame Reignited

How many of you remember your first love? Now, how many of you get the chance to reconnect with them decades later AND get married? Susan and Alex first met in 1976 at a dance club. Susan was there to meet up with a guy who had asked

Honoring Our Soldiers

November is the time of the year where most people reflect on what they’re grateful for. On Veteran’s Day (November 11th), it goes without saying that most people reflect on and show their appreciation for the veterans of our country.

Unmasking a Scammer

Scammers are on the rise, and being a victim of their crimes is getting harder to avoid. One of our customers, Tricia Lynn, found out that not only had her eBay account been hacked, but also that numerous fraudulent purchases were made

Uncovering a Catfish

Family means everything, and when someone dear to you makes a questionable decision, it’s only natural to be concerned. Dana has always had her family’s best interests at heart. When she found out that her grandfather, Joe, was moving in