Do Bartenders Really Cheat More?

According to the American Psychological Association, somewhere between 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. While people get divorced for a variety of reasons, issues stemming from one partner’s choice of career can definitely be a factor.

A fairly recent study of divorce rates by occupation found that “dancers and choreographers registered the highest divorce rates (43.1 percent), followed by bartenders (38.4 percent) and massage therapists (38.2 percent).”

So why do bartenders rank so high?

Do Bartenders Really Cheat More?

While there’s no clear evidence that indicates the reason why bartenders have such a tough time staying married, it’s not difficult to hazard a guess.

Bartenders spend their entire professional lives chatting up strangers and serving them drinks. It’s only naturally that from time to time friendly relations will develop into something more, and temptation will rear its ugly head.

Many bartenders do a lot more than serve drinks; some become close with their favorite regulars.  Given that it’s not unusual for people frequenting their local drinking establishment to confide their deepest secrets to the man or woman behind the bar, real connections can be formed. 

While most bartenders in committed relationships are masters of feigning personal interest in hopes of getting better tips, others are likely genuinely flattered by the attention, attention which they may (rightly or wrongly) feel is missing from their partner at home.

Seeing a Bartender? How to Find Out if They’re Cheating

If you’re asking yourself “are they cheating?,” you may have noticed some of the signs of a cheating partner. Are they spending suspiciously long hours out after closing time? Are they strangely busy during their off hours as well?

While this won’t always reveal the whole truth, it’s worthwhile to search them using a people search engine to see what unknown info may come up. For example,  if you’ve seen a strange number on their phone, or generally worry they may be texting a secret flame, you can search unknown phone numbers to get name, location and more.

If that doesn’t turn anything up, you can also search their email address to see any publicly-available social media profiles (including accounts on dating sites) associated with it you may not be aware of. It may also be a good idea to keep an eye on their coworkers’ Instagram accounts and to check in on any photos taken at the bar (i.e. tagged by location) to see if you spot anything to be concerned about.

If you’re married to someone working in a “relationship-challenging” field and are feeling insecure, it can just takes a few seconds to discover the truth. The more you empower yourself the better off you’ll be in the long run.