Do Flight Attendants Really Cheat More?

Why the Job Can Create Relationship Turbulence

For those dreaming of traveling the world, few career paths can compete with being a flight attendant.

The perks are undeniable: visiting new places, free flights and meeting people from all over the globe each day are just a few of the big draws for those bitten by the travel bug.

Despite the perks, there’s one enormous drawback. The flight attendant lifestyle can present a major challenge to maintaining a conflict-free relationship.

Why Their Relationships May Crash

Working a job that requires spending time away from one’s partner can create tension in even the healthiest of relationships.

Those dating people with careers in business, medicine and law enforcement know that either frequent travel or long hours come with the territory.

The requirements of a flight attendant may be even more demanding, as the job itself fundamentally revolves around both frequent travel and long, irregular hours. That combination makes maintaining a healthy relationship extremely difficult.

Constant travel can make one feel separate from the “normal” lives lead by friends and family back home. Unpredictable, irregular hours and constantly changing time zones make scheduling calls or video chats with significant others hard to coordinate.

Many young men and women abandon the career early on due to the emotional toll taken by the time apart from loved ones.

Flight Attendants Flying Solo

Those who embrace the flight attendant lifestyle tend to be more independent and self-reliant than the average person.

When combined with long absences, these normally attractive traits often lead to unfounded suspicion of infidelity in the mind of the partner back home.

This can lead to nagging doubts, accusations, and emotional withdrawal. Many put an end to the relationship because they can’t handle the stress that comes with dating a flight attendant.

While there is no evidence that suggests that flight attendants are more likely to cheat, it’s clear that the occupation can present a real challenge to keeping a relationship intact.

Are They Cheating? How to Find Out

If you’re asking yourself “are they cheating?,” you may have noticed some of the signs of a cheating partner, which include:

  • Being emotionally distant
  • Spending even longer hours at work or “out with friends”
  • Withholding physical intimacy
  • Changing their appearance
  • Spending more time on their phone texting

This is where a people search engine comes in. People search engines aggregate publicly-available data from billions of records into easy-to-read profiles.  If you’ve seen a strange number on their phone, or generally worry they may be texting a secret flame, you can search unknown phone numbers to get name, location and more.

If that doesn’t turn anything up, you can also search their email address to see any publicly-available social media profiles (including accounts on dating sites) associated with it. Cheaters may create secondary profiles but forget to use secondary email addresses to set them up, which leaves the door open for you to possibly find pics or incriminating accounts.

Getting cheated on is a traumatic, painful experience. This can be a good way to empower yourself with knowledge and get a little peace of mind.