Does Your Boyfriend Have a Secret Dating Profile?

Cheating is a sad fact of life, and with the advent of social media, texting and online dating, it’s never been easier for men to go behind their partner’s back and carry out a secret relationship.

Worried your boyfriend may be cheating on you and chatting up other women on dating sites like e-Harmony and OKCupid? Here’s how to find out.

Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Before you start digging around dating profiles and making accusations, first things first: have you noticed any of the below signs of a cheating boyfriend?

  • They are acting distant and emotionally unavailable
  • They are spending longer hours “at the office” or “out with friends”
  • They’re withholding physical intimacy
  • They’ve been changing their appearance or style of clothes
  • They’re criticizing you more frequently
  • They are overly-interested in your schedule (i.e. when you’ll be home)
  • They are spending more time on their phone and seem overprotective of it

These are just some of the many signs of an unfaithful partner. The important thing is to always trust your intuition: if something feels “off,” or different, there’s likely something causing you to feel that way.

Stay calm, cool and collected, and don’t freak out. There’s still a possibility it’s your imagination, but don’t ignore the red flags above.

Is He on a Dating Site? How to Find Out

At this point you may be wondering what to do next.

Empower yourself, take control and do a little research. If they’ve been spending an awful lot of time smirking at their phone screens, or you’ve noticed strange numbers on a shared phone plan, search unknown phone numbers for name, location and more. That’s a strong first step.

If that doesn’t turn anything up, you can also search their email address using a people search engine for any publicly-available social media profiles (including accounts on several dating sites like Match, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid and more) associated with that email address. People search engines comb the web for profiles and pictures connected with email addresses or username. If you’re aware of an online username they like to use, you can search that too the exact same way.

At least 10% of affairs begin online. Don’t get left in the dark. Discovering the truth can be painful, but for most of us it’s the first necessary step to a happier, healthier life. Empower yourself with research and take control. You deserve to know what’s going on, and you deserve the best.