Is Your Don Juan a Con? How to Background Check Bae

Dating is hard. Not only do you worry about creating the perfect dating profile, but will it even lead to meeting someone IRL? (Does that even happen?) And if you do, will he be a liar, a cheater, a scam artist or who knows? The #MeToo movement has revealed that many culprits are serial abusers. Where there’s one victim, there are many victims. Harassers can victimize scores of women. And those who handle rejection poorly (even violently) are also often repeat offenders.

First, Check Out His Story

With a basic Spokeo search, you can search public records to find online profiles that speak to whether he’s lying or telling the truth about his background and interests. You can even uncover previously unknown social profiles and accounts. Check out his friends and family to see if he’s the type of guy he says he is. Or scan his recent photos to see if he seems especially close with someone else…

Try running a background check now

Does He Have a Criminal Record?

Guys who’ve done bad things before may to do them again. Run a background check to find whether he has a history of domestic violence, DUIs, drug arrests, aliases — anything that may make you uncomfortable about deciding to get closer. You can avert disaster as this happy Spokeo customer did for her friend:

“I was trying to help a friend out. She was stuck with this guy. He was monitoring everything she was doing, including her phone calls and texts. When I found his arrest records, I told her that she needed to get out of there and I got her a plane ticket home.” Theresa, MO

And don’t forget: birds of a feather flock together. Look up his friends, too!

Is He Cheating?

One of the worst feelings in the world is the fear that your partner is straying. Dating sites, texting, and private messaging have only made cheating easier and more tempting. It can make you paranoid! Who keeps texting him? Is he private messaging old friends and exes on Facebook? Maybe he’s not actually cheating yet, but he’s on his way there.

How Women Have Used Spokeo to Bust Bae

Many women have used Spokeo to reveal the truth, get out of bad relationships, and finally move on with their lives:

  • One woman noticed her man kept texting a particular number on their shared mobile plan. A reverse phone lookup on the number uncovered that her boyfriend’s new texting buddy was a hot girl from work.
  • Another super smart and stealthy lady tried a reverse email search on her boyfriend’s email address, which he was (sigh) still using to chat up ladies on dating sites like OkCupid and PlentyofFish.

Onward and Upward

Life is too precious to waste with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or treat you like you deserve. If you have doubts about your partner or are out on the scene meeting new people, try Spokeo now. Remember — your searches are confidential.