Getting Local with INNOVATE PASADENA

Innovate Pasadena

At Spokeo, a leading people search platform, we are focused on two things: making sure our product delivers on our promise to help people reconnect and participating as an active citizen in our community.

Being active in our community means sometimes we’re helping kids in our area learn to code and other times it means getting involved with business leaders in our community to support the greater good of driving local tech innovation. This is exactly why our company leaders have taken on an active part in the formation of INNOVATE PASADENA.

INNOVATE PASADENA (IP) aims to promote local collaboration across business and education in order to attract and retain companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and investment capital.

To share some of our company’s background, Spokeo started out seven years ago as a startup in Silicon Valley. As the team grew, we needed more space and felt ready to leave the mindset of the area, which felt like a rush to exit. When we considered LA, we looked at Pasadena first. We were drawn to Pasadena’s strong science and technology roots, where the leaders are committed to long term innovation. The city is also surrounded by some of the nation’s top technology and science institutions giving us access to competitive talent to continue to grow our business with. The same commitment mentality spreads to these individuals who tend to remain committed to each mission rather than jumping from startup to startup.

Plus, we love the neighborhood. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena had always been the local hotspot. With the revitalization over the last few years, Pasadena has solidified its position even further as a leading tech hub. Very few places can boast of a highly educated workforce, trendy downtown and manageable traffic all in one neighborhood!

We’re proud to be a part of this collaboration in this great city. If you’re looking to start or move a company here, check out IP’s website for more resources and events to get involved.

-Ray Chen, CEO