Guest Blog: That time I Should Have Checked Spokeo – Online Dating Edition


Hi. I’m Gina Stewart from Expert Online Dating. As much as I love online dating, there are times when I admit it leaves a little too much to the imagination. Sometimes you just want a little piece of mind as to who that cutie is on the other end of your connection. Here are some stories of a few of those times when we were online dating and a Spokeo search would have solved a lot of the mystery.

The Sneaky Online Guy

“This guy online contacted me but only had really horrible pictures. His face was always in shadows or the pictures were far away. He said he’s be happy to send me some good ones over email but he didn’t to put his face online because he runs a big company and doesn’t want to be recognized by employees.”

Not having clear pictures online could mean he’s a CEO, or it could mean he’s afraid someone will recognize his married face. When he asks if he can email you, he’s taking control of who can see him online. Good thing Spokeo lets you search emails or usernames to help you identify if he’s just the private CEO or the sneaky married guy.


The Beautiful Woman with Money Troubles

“This beautiful woman contacted me online. It was the first time a woman had contacted me first. And wow. She was young and svelte. She asked me a lot of questions and wanted to move pretty quickly in her feelings. I thought it was a dream come true. She’s not able to meet me yet because she’s going through some tough financial times. “

Online connections are ripe for scams because lonely people are often willing to overlook red flags and make decisions with their eager hearts. If he or she seems too good to be true, use Spokeo to make sure they are legit and their background is clear. Look for red flags like out-of-country phone numbers, asking for money, or making excuses as to why they can’t meet.


The Model. Like, Really.

“I’m talking to this guy online. Total babe. Seriously, his photos look like they are from a photo shoot.”

Model good looks with quality photos to match? You might be getting catfished. Strike a Spokeo Pose.


I can’t tell which one she is!

“All her pictures are with friends. Which one is she?”

Dial it in. Find other photos online from a Spokeo search by checking her username.


Which version of her is she?

“I found this girl online that seems pretty cool but every single photo of her looks different. Short hair, long hair, black hair, blonde hair, purple pixie hair. I don’t know what is current and what is from years ago. Which one are you, my little chameleon?”

Did you know Spokeo lets you search across dating profiles, photo image sites and social media sites… all from one search?


Is he joking?

“I’ve been talking to this guy online, he’s pretty funny and everything seems cool except he begins a lot of sentences with, “since I got out.” Got out of what?! Mental hospital? Prison? The Taliban?”

Bet that quick Spokeo court record search could relieve a lot of suspense right now…


No offense guy, but I think your pictures are from 1989

“In his picture he’s wearing a wind-suit and I don’t think it’s in an ironic way. I’m having a hard time believing his age.”

A Spokeo search can help you narrow down an age better than a carnival barker.


The perfect girl who can’t meet up.

“I’ve been talking to this girl online for a while now. I think I really have feelings for her. The problem is, whenever I try to get us to meet, she has an excuse. I really care for her but am starting to be concerned if she’s real.”

Two choices: You could watch an episode of Catfish and always wonder or you could just check Spokeo and find out who she really is.


The Reason we’re thankful for Meagan’s Law…

“I’ve been talking to this guy, he wants to meet up but when I mentioned a coffee place he said he couldn’t because it was within 100 yards of a school. Is that a joke?”

Sex offender records are also accessible on Spokeo court record search.


Health Nut or Suspended License?

“I met this guy who said he’d have to ride his bike to our date or I could come pick him up. I’m all for the bike culture but it does seem weird to me he can’t drive his car. DUI?”

From felonies to misdemeanors, Spokeo can help uncover intel.


The Braggart or BSer?

“This man is always talking about his property here that he wants to take me to, his boats, his cars. I’m not impressed by money but would like to know if he’s just a phony.”

How do you spell relief? S-p-o-k-e-o


Have you ever felt a little bit of wonderment about your online date? Tell us what happened.

To make Spokeo’s legal folks happy, we must disclose that Spokeo has provided us with compensation for creating this post.