Helping “Furry Rascals” Find Their Way Home

Spokeo was a "dog-send" to this good Samaritan

As he cruised out of the city, all Alex could think about was a relaxing day at the beach. The Florida surf and sand were calling him on his day off. In the seat next to him was his beloved Golden Retriever Max. The two were going to tear it up with a favorite frisbee and play in the waves until dinner.

Danger in the Road

Just as Alex’s car was about to cross a busy intersection he noticed something alarming: two pit bulls crossing the street amid cars honking and veering to miss them. His heart racing, he knew he had to do something fast to save them. Alex pulled over and called to the two pit bulls. It took some wrangling but he managed to get them onto the sidewalk where he tethered them both to a pole and checked their collars for tags.
Both dog tags had the same phone number. Expecting to hear the owner’s voice on the other end of the line, he was disappointed to get that all-too familiar sound of a disconnected phone.

Reverse Phone Search to the Rescue

Thinking fast on his feet Alex opened up Facebook and searched the number. Nothing came up. Searching Google was a non-starter as it took him down a rabbit hole of irrelevant results. 
Recalling Spokeo’s Reverse Phone Lookup he searched using the disconnected phone number and quickly found the owner’s name, updated phone listings and current address. One quick call connected Alex with the owners who were relieved beyond words to hear their lost pups were safe after frantically searching for them all day.

Creating a Tail-Wagging Reunion

There was no way Alex could risk piling two new dogs into the car with Max, so Alex called a friend for help. She arrived right away but getting the dogs into the car proved to be a tall order. After using a bevy of Max’s treats and toys to entice the two pits to no avail, they finally managed to coax the dogs into her car using a half-eaten bag of Cheetos. Together they drove to the owners’ house.
As soon as they arrived, the owners rushed out to meet them. “The two furry rascals got out through the front door,” one of them said. They were emotional after being reunited with their two “pitties”. They told Alex and his friend that they had been driving the neighborhood for hours worried sick looking for their dogs.
Overwhelmed with gratitude, they offered Alex a reward. He declined because as a dog lover he was just happy to pay it forward. Understanding that these things happen, he was just happy he was able to reunite a dog-loving family with their best friends.