Helping “Furry Rascals” Find Their Way Home

Spokeo was a "dog-send" to this good Samaritan

All Alex could think about as he was cruising out of the city was having a relaxing day at the beach. The Florida surf and sand were calling him on his day off. In the seat next to him was his beloved dog. The two were going to tear it up with a favorite frisbee and play in the waves until dinner.

Danger in the Road

But just as Alex’s car was about to cross a very busy intersection, Alex noticed something alarming: two pit bulls were crossing the street, cars honking and veering to miss them. His heart started racing. He knew he had to do something fast to save them. So, he pulled over, leaving his dog in the car, and called to the two pit bulls. They were incredibly friendly and sweet. He had no problem getting them out of the street to the sidewalk, where he tethered them both to a pole with his dog’s leash. He then checked their collars for tags.
A phone number! And it was the same number for both dogs. He started to feel hopeful as he dialed. Unfortunately, he got that annoying beeping sound we all know too well — the number had been disconnected.

Disconnected, But Not Discouraged

Alex got an idea. He opened up his Facebook account and searched the number on social media. Nothing came up. He even searched elsewhere online. When he got no results, he was starting to feel a little anxious. How could he reach the owners? They must be frantic about their dogs.

Reverse Phone Search to the Rescue!

That’s when he came across Spokeo. He immediately signed up for a membership and performed a reverse phone search. He almost instantly found a recent address listed for the number. Great! But there was a problem. There was no way he could risk piling two strange dogs into his car with his dog. And even if he took that risk, they wouldn’t fit. So, Alex called a friend for help. She arrived right away and they were able to get both pit bulls into her car. Together, they drove to the address he found on Spokeo.

A Tail-Wagging Reunion

When they arrived, neighbors were waiting outside the house. They let Alex and his friend know that the owners had been driving around for a few hours looking for their dogs, who were actually brother and sister. “The two furry rascals got out through the front door,” one of the neighbors said. Alex thanked his friend for her help and decided to wait for the owners to arrive, knowing that they’d be in for a pleasant surprise. When they eventually came home, they were beyond relieved and thankful to see Alex with their two “pitties.”
Thank you for being a Good Samaritan, Alex, and returning those rascals safely!