Helping Reunite Friends One Last Time

How Magali Used Spokeo to Find Lenny

We all have that one friend that makes school or work bearable. J.D. had Turk, Mulder had Scully, Rory had Lane. It’s a special bond that you don’t forget as time passes.

New Beginnings

When Magali started nursing school at Kennesaw State University, she never expected to find a best friend. It was there that she met Lenny and they immediately bonded being the two oldest students in the class. He had a way of lifting everyone’s spirits anytime he entered a room. After graduating in 2004, they began working at 2 different healthcare facilities in Georgia, but remained friends and ran into each other often.

Bad News

Things changed once Magali retired in 2015. They didn’t get to see each other and fell out of touch. Magali recently had surgery in the same hospital where Lenny worked. She was eager to see him and asked a nurse if she knew where to find him.

The nurse delivered bad news. Lenny was on a leave of absence due to cancer. Magali was devastated to hear about her friend’s health. Determined to find him, she went to, performed a name search, and located his phone number.

A Bittersweet Reunion

She was able to get a hold of him! He wasn’t at home anymore though, he was in hospice. And although Magali could hear how happy he sounded to hear from her, she could also hear that  cancer had taken a toll on his usually bright personality. Feeling a sense of urgency, she went to visit him right away.

“He was so happy to see me! We were able to talk and reminisce about our nursing school days. We also caught up on what had happened in our lives since we last spoke.”

Lenny passed away 3 days later. Magali was grateful that Spokeo gave her the chance to reconnect with her dear friend one last time.

Magali, thank you for sharing your touching story with us and for reminding everyone to cherish their friends and family.