How to Enjoy Being Single

Being single doesn’t have to be about downing a bottle of wine while watching romantic comedies until you fall asleep every night. If you’ve been flying solo for awhile or are newly single, you should consider yourself lucky. 

Forget wallowing in misery, regret or loneliness — this is an opportunity. You have a chance to proactively shift your thinking to focus on learning, growing and enjoying the benefits that single life provides. 

Our goal is to help you learn how to thrive as a single person. It’s possible to learn how to enjoy being single after a long time spent searching for a partner or after a breakup. You should be enjoying your time flying solo — why not embrace this period as an opportunity for adventure? 

Let’s explore how you can maximize living the single life. 

How to Deal With Being Single

1. Find Acceptance

The first step towards embracing the single life requires a shift in your underlying beliefs. You need to accept the fact that it’s ok to be single. 

It can be difficult given that we live in a society that’s so relationship-oriented. Many of the movies and shows we watch involve some element of romance and serve as constant reminders of being single.

The goal is to get to the point where these constant reminders don’t affect us in a negative way. Learn to appreciate solitude and focus on personal growth. Make it your mission to get in touch with the real you, develop your hobbies and do the things that YOU love. 

Accept that you don’t have a partner and, more importantly, that you don’t need a partner to validate you. You can be happy on your own.

2. Focus on Yourself 

Do you really know yourself? It’s easy to associate your entire identity with a partner over time. When a relationship falls apart it can have devastating effects on one’s sense of self. 

Use this period to get in touch with and learn about yourself. Take some time to get to know the real you by exploring your interests and working on personal growth. 

With all relationships come sacrifices of particular elements of our lives that we enjoy. Reflect on the activities you engaged in prior to your relationship and make an effort to get back into them. If you’ve been single for awhile now, think back to what you enjoyed in your younger days and try to rekindle your passion for them. 

Developing your interests will inevitably lead to other forms of personal growth and exploration. Given a little time, you’ll come to love the person you’ve become. And while the goal of this article is to help you enjoy being single, know that people who are happy in their own skin make the most attractive potential partners.

3. Be Patient

We understand that even after reading our advice, you may still have a sense of urgency about trying to find a partner. Whatever you do, don’t settle for whatever comes your way. 

Yes, it’s easier said than done. But good things come to those who wait. Once you’ve focused on personal growth and come to love yourself, you’ll have a new perspective. You’ll know that you deserve someone who is right for you and you’ll have the confidence to not settle for less.

But for now, don’t chase potential dates who aren’t right for you. You’ll just slow the progress you should be making on yourself.

Focus on what you ultimately want and keep it moving forward toward your goals.   

How to Be Single After a Long Relationship

If you’ve gotten out of a long-term relationship, it’s sure to have taken an emotional toll on you. It’s important to know how to deal with this situation in the healthiest way possible. 

For starters, don’t blame yourself. Continuing to wonder what you could have done differently will only delay the healing process. Instead try to focus on the positive aspects. Remember the good times and think about what you learned from being with that person. 

Detach yourself emotionally from your partner. While there may come a point that you can be friends, it’s important in the meantime to move on. Continuing to see them or speak with them is rarely positive. 

Try your best to avoid jumping into a rebound relationship. Rebounds are dangerous for all kinds of reasons. Odds are you haven’t not even had the time to process your feelings. If you don’t give yourself time to cope with those feelings and learn from the past, you’ll be putting the pressure of your failed relationship on your new partner. If you do feel the need to date, make sure you do your research on potential partners to avoid catfish.

What’s worse is that your new partner may see that you’re desperate, take advantage of you, and hurt you. Focus on learning how to enjoy being single for awhile in order to better yourself.

How to Enjoy Being Single

Living the single life doesn’t mean that you should be unhappy; you can be both single and happy. Take advantage of your new-found freedom to focus more on yourself and do the things you couldn’t while you were in a relationship.

Try to remember that all the time is now yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Do what you love, whether it’s going to the movies, taking long walks, clubbing, or any other activity. 

Here are some of the pros to being single you may not have considered, followed by some tips for maximizing single life.

Benefits of Being Single:

  • You can travel on a whim
  • You’ll sleep better without them stealing all the blankets
  • You can go out with friends wherever/whenever you want
  • You’ll save money and have more freedom with your finances
  • You can flirt with whomever you want
  • You can focus on your career
  • You can watch whatever TV shows or movies you want
  • You don’t have to live according to anyone’s expectations
  • You can regulate the temperature however you see fit
  • You have the bathoom to yourself
  • You can spend more time with you family 

Tips for Maximizing Single Life

— Move on – You can’t enjoy the benefits of being single if you’re still attached to your ex. Even if you loved them a lot, staying emotionally attached to them will only keep you from moving forward. Accept that it didn’t work between you two and move on. Embrace this new life believing that you can be single and happy.

— Make yourself a priority – Did you always find yourself putting your partner’s priorities ahead of yours? Not anymore: it’s time to prioritize yourself. Go get your nails done, get a massage or facial, take yourself out, and enjoy a night out with friends. Go buy the new watch or car that you’ve always wanted, visit your family, or go out with the boys. Treat yourself!

— Try new things – Now that you’re single, you have a lot of time on your hands. Try out new things and have fun. Sign up for an art class, go on your first ever solo trip, start working out, sign up for a dance class, go surfing or kayaking – there are SO many fun things to do out in the world.

— Be creative – Unlock your creative side that was dormant while you were in a relationship. Explore activities that can boost your creativity such as coloring, drawing, reading, writing, or painting.

— Get out of your comfort zone – If you were in a relationship where you got too comfortable, it’s now time to get out of that zone. Try putting yourself out there. Go do things by yourself and you’ll be sure to meet other like-minded individuals who you befriend and spend time with.   

— Be social – Being single gives you the opportunity to socialize with people without restrictions. Go out with either girls or guys if you want, and you won’t have any worries about someone getting jealous. If you gave your relationship too much time and forgot about your family and friends, now is the time to reconnect, socialize, and meet new people.

— Try online dating – Have you been single for a long time and want to start a relationship? Try online dating! There are singles like you all over the world and they’re looking to meet new people. The beauty of online dating is that you can find someone who shares your values, making finding a good match that much easier. If you find someone you want to meet, be sure to search them on Spokeo to make sure they’ve been telling you the truth about who they are. 

There are many more benefits to being single. You have no reason to be sad and lonely when you’re not in a relationship. Look at the bright side and appreciate the advantages it could bring!