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Home Advice & How-ToGuides How to Apologize for a Drunk Text

How to Apologize for a Drunk Text

by Spokeo

You just woke up. You’re swatting at your phone because it won’t shut up, or maybe you’re just trying to shut out the glaring morning light. Suddenly, one thought springs to mind: “What did I do last night?” You get your phone, check for messages that might give you a clue and…oh no! Memories of the night come flooding back. “I should NOT have sent that text last night!” You see the message you (shouldn’t have) sent but there’s no reply…don’t start panicking and thinking about the worst case scenario! We’ve all been there.

That feeling in the pit of your stomach is something we’ve all felt at some point, but today it’s your turn.. You’re probably asking yourself: “Should I apologize for drunk texting them?” Read on to find out how to deal with this unfortunate (but very common) situation.

Looking at Drunk Texts the Next Morning

So how should you play it when you find out you’ve drunk texted an unknown number? You don’t know who you sent the message to…should you apologize for drunk texting regardless? Luckily you can find out who owns a strange phone number with a reverse number lookup, without having to ask the person themselves. The first step is to figure out who you’ve blabbered your drunken tirades to.

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Your go-to strategy for getting answers should be to go to Spokeo. Spokeo uses advanced reverse lookup search technology to search public records to lookup the owner of that phone number. It can show you the name, address, and social media profiles of the person you’ve assaulted with your whiskey-induced love letter. Hopefully they end up being a total stranger but what if you finally got the number of someone you have a crush on last night – maybe a coworker, your friend’s hot friend, someone from the gym you ran into. It may mean that you could damage your chances with them as well as your reputation if you don’t apologize.

Now to the question at hand…“Should I apologize for drunk texting?” Know who you’re dealing with, this will help you choose the best way to fix your drunk text problem. Now that you know who you texted with liquid courage flowing through you, here’s how to handle it depending on each situation.

Just Ignore It

Did you send the drunk text to a total stranger? Should you apologize for drunk texting them? While it’s a nice gesture, it’s probably best to just leave it. If they text you back, apologize then stop responding. Just walk away, with your head as high as you can hold it. Don’t do this if you know the person – you’re only going to make things worse.

Face Your Drunk Text Head On: Apologize

If you know the person it is best to apologize for drunk texting. Just face up to what you’ve done and say you’re sorry. If you woke someone up in the wee hours of the morning, especially on a weekday or right before a big event like a test, then you’ve really got to say you’re sorry to avoid any weirdness or awkward interactions with them.

Spill Your Guts? Go With It

What if you spill your guts to your crush? Well, in vino veritas, as they say: the truth is in the wine. If you’ve spilled your guts to someone you’ve got a crush on, own up to it and just let them know. It’s too late to go backward now. Getting a drunken text isn’t how most people want to find out you’re into them, but owning up to it may help you save face. Even if they don’t feel the same way, they’ll appreciate you addressing the situation rather than never acknowledging it.

Send Flirty Texts to Your Ex? Don’t Go With It

You broke up with them for a reason, don’t trust whatever came out of your fingers after your fourth shot of tequila. If they call you in the morning to ask whether you want to give things another try, don’t let them try to convince you the relationship was worth trying to rekindle. Apologize, then move on. If necessary, try deleting their contact info – drunk texting your ex again next time will be a bad look that definitely won’t help your reputation with them or their friends.

Don’t show any signs of regret. Tell the truth to the ex-boyfriends or girlfriend whom you wrote under the influence of alcohol. You felt needy but now you are sober and the situation has changed.

Drunk Text Conversations Damage Control

If you were really, really awful you’re going to need to prepare for damage control. Get ahead of any possible blowback by posting an apology on social media or use a group text to apologize. The best solution is to be vague but honest – don’t blame your intoxicating texting on someone else. Use humor to diffuse the situation and let yourself be a little vulnerable.

The above-listed scenarios are the examples of the most common situations you may find yourself in. Keep your head up and do whatever you need to do to address the issue. And the next time you find yourself with a drink in hand, try powering off your phone. If you’re drunk enough to send embarrassing texts you may be drunk enough to think your phone just ran out of juice.