Introducing the Spokeo Interns!

Spokeo Interns

We’re a growing team that likes to give back, and this year we launched a new program that helps us both grow AND give back at the same time. This summer, we launched the first formal internship program at Spokeo.

Starting in June, the first of our five interns started with us and will stay a total of 12 weeks. The remaining four newbies trickled in after and are on the same three-month plan. Upon starting with us, they each took a deep-dive in full stack web development basics to jumpstart their skills, including crash courses (one-on-ones with our senior and junior developers) in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS and Backbone. They’re learning everything from databases to the browser.

“They picked things up really quickly,” noted on of Spokeo’s senior developers, Austin, “so we let them loose on their own projects after.”

We’ve ensured that each intern is truly immersed in our company culture and contributes to a project that really matters and will be seen by the actual public.  Many interns at other tech companies work on internal sites that will never see the light of day. Not Spokeo’s 2014 class, they’ll have real public sites that they can add to their portfolios for years to come.

Every couple days, they undergo “Code Reviews” where Spokeo developers review their work and provide constructive feedback. They’re each held to the same standards as the developers on our team and have blown us away with their work.

Beyond representing Spokeo and joining us again post-graduation, we hope each of our five interns leaves at the end of this summer with a solid set of skills that they can apply to various projects throughout their careers.

So aside from this invaluable work experience and free awesome lunches every day, what else are they being treated to this summer?

  • • Each of them has a spot in a rad apartment in Downtown LA complete with a rooftop pool, state of the art gym, fire pits and more all within walking distance to one of LA’s most happening spots.
  • • They each receive a very competitive stipend comparable to starting Bay-area salaries.
  • • State-of-the art equipment to complete their work and access to all of Spokeo’s resources
  • • Social events and outings planned JUST for them. LA’s got the best things to offer. Who else gets a surprise trip to Disneyland?
  • • Lifetime mentors and friendships with the some of the funnest and most talented people in the region.

The program has been a wonderful success and we’re already looking forward to next year. Not before we help them get the most out of this year though!