It Takes a Village to Reunite a Father and Son

Spokeo just received a touching story about how we helped Carey find his biological father after 39 years apart.

In 1976, Carey’s mother, Clementine, found out that she was pregnant. Living in Chicago at the time, Clementine never had the chance to tell her then-boyfriend, Chancellor, that she was having his child because her family was in the process of moving to Matteson, IL. After the move, Clementine gave birth to Carey and lost touch with Chancellor altogether.

Clementine passed away when Carey was 20 years old. After both of his beloved grandparents passed away in his adult years, Carey felt lost… almost all of his immediate family was gone. Carey’s aunt, Pam, offered her assistance in helping Carey finally find his biological father.

Spokeo customers
Pictured from left to right: Chad (Carey’s half brother), Chancellor (Carey’s father), and Carey.

They joined Spokeo in early December, but at first were unable to find any information on Chancellor. Pam called Spokeo and spoke to Danielle, one of our Customer Care representatives. Being a search expert, Danielle cross-referenced a few details and conducted more searches for Pam, which led to someone named CJ who Pam believed to be one of Chancellor’s other sons. When Pam pulled up the profile, she saw a spitting image of Chancellor, and knew that she was one step closer to finding Carey’s father. Spokeo had a phone number for CJ too!

Pam immediately called CJ to find out if he really was Chancellor’s son and he confirmed he was! CJ was a little skeptical about the situation at first since he never knew his father had a son from a previous relationship, but after talking it over, he decided to loop in his other brother Chad followed by their father Chancellor.

Later that day, Carey and Chancellor were finally able to speak to one another for the first time over the phone. It was an emotional moment, and Chancellor revealed that when they were younger, he thought that Clementine might have been pregnant. Chancellor had tried to visit Clementine’s old house shortly after she moved away, but had no luck tracking her or Carey down.

The father and son planned a reunion in Chicago. Carey’s new half brother Chad did not live far away, so Chad offered to pick Carey up and bring him to Chicago. Carey met his father for the first time on December 21, 2015. He also met his other half brothers and family members from his father’s side and learned that they had a lot in common. Needless to say, it was a very joyful reunion!

“I can finally rest knowing I have a dad,” said Carey. “I have been looking for him for the last 39 years and am thrilled to learn that he was also looking for me too.”