Keepin’ it Fresh… Spokeo’s New Homepage

Back in April, we introduced you to a new version of the Spokeo homepage, complete with a new logo. It was the first step to updating the look and feel of Spokeo and today we’re excited to continue evolving our experience.

New Homepage 8.2013

The First Look

There are so many ways to use Spokeo’s powerful search tool that we built a visual carousel to take you on a journey and inspire you to use Spokeo in ways you may not have considered before (use the white arrows on the sides of the images to slide images). From rekindling an old flame to finding old classmates, Spokeo makes it easy for you — start searching!

Find old classmatesFind family

Rekindle Love





The New Tabs

The new design has been tailored to assist three very different groups — consumers, businesses and non-profits. Celeb photos and family reunions are common personal uses for consumers, but Spokeo is also a helpful tool for small businesses and nonprofits. Beneath the search bar, you’ll find two new buttons, “For business” and “For Non-Profit.”  These two buttons take you to customized pages that help small business owners and non-profit users alike, make the most of Spokeo’s people search.


The New Account Management Features

The new experience doesn’t stop there, once you become a subscriber (or for those of you who already are) you’ll notice a new homepage dashboard and additional account management features. From your current search quota to a history of your record purchases, we’re helping you make the most out of your Spokeo subscription.

 Premium dashboard with account settingpremium usage

We’re focused on making the site as easy and useful as possible for you to enjoy Spokeo. We’re looking forward to making this experience true for you across all devices, from the office on a laptop, to the bedroom on your cellphone, or even on a tablet at the airport. We’ll be sure to keep you updated. For now, take a look at what we’ve done and tell us what you think!