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Laptops for Refugee Families

by Spokeo

Back in February, Spokeo took a stand for American values and on behalf of families that come to this country seeking refuge. It was then that we were so honored to begin our partnership with an organization focused on helping refugees of all backgrounds, TIYYA. Since February, we’ve continued to connect with TIYYA, getting to know their great programs. When we learned about their need for laptops for their tutoring program, we were on it! Since then, we’ve worked on collecting the laptops no longer in use in our office.

spokeo charity work

Spokeo team members transport supplies for Tiyya

Last week, we were absolutely honored to be able to deliver 18 laptops for families at TIYYA Foundation’s Back to School Reception.  At the event, TIYYA welcomed attendees with delicious snacks representing the different cultural regions of the TIYYA families attending. Spokeo’s CEO, Harrison, and several Spokeo employees had the privilege of meeting and getting to know the parents and children receiving support from TIYYA. The experience was poignant, and inspiring.

Tiyya shared some of the families’ harrowing stories of escape and their journey to the United States. Harrison, then, shared his own story of immigrating to this country. He shared his difficulties in the transition of initially arriving to America, but also the joys and prosperities that are the opportunity of all Americans, be they born here, or newly arrived.

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spokeo meets tiyya

Spokeo CEO Harrison Tang meets with refugee children

We ended the night by handing over the laptops to the children of the TIYYA families, to assist in their school work, and to help make this transition to American life a little easier. We left this event absolutely inspired by these brave families and proud to be able to support them with access to technology. We can’t wait for updates from them on how they do in school (hopefully a few choose careers in technology!).

If you’d like to learn more about TIYYA and how you can support their work visit www.TIYYA.org. Currently they’re in need of an additional fifty backpacks for their “Back To School Celebration” in August! 

*Photos by Andrea David