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Home StoriesConnectors New House, New Friendship

New House, New Friendship

by Ashley Viloria

Moving into a new house is very exciting – it’s a new place to decorate and make your own, a new place to build lifelong memories, and a new place to make friends with your neighbors. When moving into a new house, people don’t often expect to become friends with the previous owners of the house. But that’s exactly what happened when Chris and her late husband, Bob, moved into their new house more than 3 decades ago.

When Chris and Bob moved into a new house in California, they became friends with Chistine and John, the couple that sold them the house. It was easy for a friendship to form for several reasons:  both women coincidentally shared the same name – Christine and they were all close in age and shared common interests. After selling their house, Christine and John moved about 40 minutes away, so they were still close enough to meet for monthly dinner hangouts. The friendship between the two couples grew over the course of a few years until Christine and John moved out of state. After that, they eventually lost touch with each other.

Fast forward to now – 21 years later – Chris started wondering about Christine and John and how they were doing. Chris is also in the process of moving out of state and needed some paperwork from Christine and John regarding the house. Chris tried calling the cell phone number she had for Christine, but it was incorrect. She also tried searching on Facebook, but wasn’t able to find a profile for either Christine or John. Finding herself at a crossroads, Chris turned to Google and typed in Christine’s full name. From there, Chris discovered Spokeo and signed up. She searched Christine’s full name using Spokeo’s Name Lookup, and was able to narrow down listings by age range and related people, since she knew John’s name as well. 

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After Chris found Christine’s profile, she learned that Christine and John had moved a few times and eventually ended up in Texas. Between the moves, Christine had gotten a new number, which is why the old one Chris had was disconnected. The Spokeo profile for Christine had an updated cell phone number, so Chris gave it a try. Christine answered the call but immediately hung up because she didn’t recognize the number and thought it was a spam caller. Chris called again and the second time, John answered. Chris said “John! John! It’s Chris!” before he could hang up. She was excited that she finally found Christine and John after so many years. Christine and John were also very delighted to hear from Chris too. They spent a while talking on the phone – catching up on life and everything that’s happened to each other since they lost contact. Since reconnecting, they’ve been regularly keeping in touch with each other. Once Chris’ moving plans are finalized, she does plan to stop by in Texas to visit Christine and John. We’re so happy that we were able to get these friends reconnected and are so excited for them to reunite in a few months!

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