Home Advice & How-ToGuides New Year’s Resolution: Stay Connected
Home Advice & How-ToGuides New Year’s Resolution: Stay Connected

New Year’s Resolution: Stay Connected

by Spokeo

Christmas is my favorite holiday and it has been since I started celebrating it as far back as I can remember, but there was another holiday whose meaning has grown as I’ve aged. Shortly after Christmas each year, New Year’s Eve rolls around. Back when I was little, I found myself trying with all my might to stay up till midnight. I usually failed, faintly remembering my mother waking me up to take me to bed. Each year that passes, I find myself staying up later but recognizing that time seems to be getting shorter. One of my resolutions this year, therefore, is to hold on more tightly to what means the most: family and friends.

As a way to help you do the same, here are a few tips to maximizing your searches and connecting with your loved ones in 2014:

Look for emails. Technology is such a central figure in all of our lives and, though telephones used to be the primary way to contact others, we use email more and more. Sometimes, a user may have old numbers or home phone numbers publicly available, which won’t be as much use, but an email address is much more likely to endure.

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Keep all info, no matter how old. Even if you know that a person has moved, don’t discount all the information you find. Gather it together and see if you can piece together where they’ve been or where they are currently. Old addresses might be connected to recent ones, or you may be able to find the address mail is being forwarded to by researching the old address.

Try nicknames and variations of names. Does the person you’re looking for have a nickname or do they have some sort of variation of their name that their info may be located under, such as Joe versus Joseph or Sam versus Samuel? Try looking under different forms of the name and, if no results come up, try utilizing our suggested names on the left panel of the screen after you perform a search (Did you mean…).

With that, one of my many hopes for the year is that I stay connected to those that mean the most to me. I hope that you can do the same by using Spokeo’s people search. Happy 2014!

If you’re someone who was able to connect with a long time friend or family member after many years apart, please share your story in the comments below!