Pasadena High School’s App Academy Visits Spokeo!


Spokeo was recently honored to host Pasadena High School’s “App Academy” sophomore class for an office tour and and speaker session. The “App Academy” is a four year program at Pasadena High school focusing on helping students learn how to create a successful application, from product concept, to using in-depth coding elements.  

The class of 55 students began their day with a tour of our “Product Floor” followed by our Customer Care Call Center. The students especially enjoyed all of the fun conference rooms (ahem… the Lego room), the snacks, and the gaming tables in the lounge. We worked hard to stress that tech company life is about hard work as much as it is about fun. They were captivated listening to our Customer Care Reps handle calls, and were awakened by the full line of App Production.
After the tour (and a brief breakfast snack), the students settled in to hear a few speakers. Our VP of Engineering, Byron, spoke on the future, and how the jobs they will be applying for, likely haven’t even been created yet. Kyle and Kristin, developers from our front end team, touched on their very different personal journeys in discovering what they wanted to do and how they landed in software development. Hema, from our QA team, used a cartoon to demonstrate the importance of QA and what it means. Our Senior Product Manager, Jordan, walked the students through using creativity in a technical world. Finally, our CEO, Harrison, inspired them as future leaders and encouraged them not to be afraid of making mistakes, because mistakes have merit, and are necessary to growth, learning, and development.
The teachers overwhelmingly agreed that this was one of their best field trips! We feel so privileged to have been able to host these talented future leaders in tech, and look forward to more opportunities to inspire more youth.