How Realtors Fight Fraud and Find Contacts with Spokeo

Working in Real Estate isn’t all about looking at beautiful homes and socializing. As you already know, there is a lot of hard work and elbow grease that goes into putting together a good deal for your clients. The last thing you need is a scammer coming in and stealing email credentials, tricking your escrow officers, or leading you into dangerous situations.

Realtors have many concerns when it comes to both online and offline security. In addition to receiving a disproportionate number of scam attempts via email and phony client callers, realtors frequently deal with potentially dangerous showing appointments with unknown parties, sensitive documentation and electronic signatures, which can prove to be tempting fare for thieves looking to gain access to personal information and client funds, or even in-person robberies. Realtors have to stay on guard both to prevent hackers from obtaining their logins, which can give thieves access to the sensitive personal and financial information of your clients, and to protect themselves when visiting suspect listings with clients.

Realtors find that using Spokeo to perform reverse email lookups and reverse phone lookups allow them to search the real identities behind given email addresses and phone numbers, if identities cannot be easily confirmed in current Real Estate Agent databases. This can ensure that they are truly dealing with the real person someone claims to be, as opposed to a scam artist or potential robber.

“Spokeo is an outstanding resource for my real estate business. The service has helped me immensely with fraud prevention and identity verification during many real estate transactions, keeping both my clients and my business safe. I was able to detect several fraudulent actors with Spokeo, located numerous past-client addresses to update my marketing lists, and even found some old friends. Spokeo has certainly been a useful tool in my business.”

Margaret Garemore, Pasadena REALTOR™ and Mediator

Additionally, Spokeo is also a great tool for realtors to update their client lists and contacts, allowing you to get fresh phone numbers, email and mailing addresses. It makes it easy to reconnect with clients, and potentially track them down if they’ve moved or changed phone numbers or email addresses in the years since you assisted them with their home sale or purchase. Realtors can even use reverse address searching capabilities to farm contact information to find new clients.

All of Spokeo’s search tools are a great addition to the current suite of Realtor databases such as the tax and title databases they have access to. Spokeo can sometimes supplement when tax and title has outdated or minimal information, or Spokeo data can be used to validate other sources, to make absolutely sure you have the right information for your clients.

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