Searching For Answers

Most adopted children tend to wonder about their history – a natural desire to know where they came from, what their biological family is like, and why they were given up for adoption. For Catherine, her story began 50 years ago, when she was left on the doorstep of a Catholic Charities agency. Unbeknownst to her, her brother had also been left in the same manner two years prior. The agency took each of them in both times, and they were adopted into different families. Catherine had always wondered about her birth parents, but she didn’t start searching for answers until she turned 18.

Starting the Journey

When Catherine turned 18, she learned about her biological brother through Catholic Charities, and they helped her find and connect with him. Meeting each other for the first time was a joyous event, and ironically, they realized that they had only lived 15 miles away from each other that whole time. After meeting, they bonded and got to know each other. They realized that they both had the same question on their mind – why did their parents give up on them? In an attempt to gain closure for her and her brother, Catherine took the first step in finding out the answer by ordering an ancestry test. She anxiously awaited the results, and when they came, she saw that she had a match to a paternal aunt! She contacted her, and she was able to give her her biological father’s full name.

Gaining Closure and Family

With her father’s name in tow, Catherine joined Spokeo and found a listing for him, which included a phone number. She called him and was able to meet him through the phone. Unfortunately, his health was poor, and he passed away shortly after she contacted him. During their conversation, however, he had given Catherine her biological mother’s full name, so she went back to Spokeo to search for her. She was able to find a listing with a phone number, just like she had with her father, so she gave her a call. However, her mother wasn’t interested in connecting or meeting.

Even though Catherine didn’t get to physically meet her biological parents, she was still able to connect with both of them and get the answers for which she had been searching all these years. Besides that, she didn’t leave this experience empty-handed. One perk of our profile listings is that if the information is available, a person’s listing will contain names of related family members. Through that feature, Catherine was able to find and connect with a paternal uncle and his wife, and has built a great relationship with them. In fact, they regularly meet for dinners and send each other holiday greetings. Catherine’s success also inspired her adoptive brother to join Spokeo to search for (and find) his biological family as well!