Separated by a Hurricane, Reunited by Spokeo


Marva and Joyce were roommates in Mississippi for two years in the seventies, but stayed in touch for a long time after Marva moved and settled in California. They even enjoyed visiting with one another when Marva returned to Mississippi on occasion.

One day as Marva was planning another trip back, she called her old friend to try to plan another visit, and to her dismay, the number was no longer in service. Marva turned to the mail system to see if that would reach Joyce’s house, but that didn’t work either. She even tasked a mutual acquaintance with stopping by her house to see if she was currently there and got nothing.

HurricaneFeeling sad about not being able to connect with her old friend, Marva turned to the Internet and typed Joyce’s name into a search engine. She opted to take a chance on an ad for Spokeo and was joyous to find an updated phone number and an email address for her old roommate in a few easy steps.

She quickly sent a text and called the new number, and though she didn’t get an answer, she left a voicemail in hopes of reconnecting. Joyce called her back that same day.

“My heart lept with Joy! I will forever sing your praises,” she told us. She didn’t give up on her friend and it paid off.

After the two ladies caught up, Marva learned that following Hurricane Katrina, Joyce had moved to another city and in the process, her number had changed as well. They are both overjoyed that they were able to connect once again after so many years and talk all the time. This Summer, they’re even planning to get together in person once again!