Spokeo 7.0 is Here!: Revamped Homepage, Enhanced White Pages Data, Improved User Experience



PRESS RELEASE: Spokeo has launched product version 7.0 with a revamped homepage, improved user experience, and enhanced white pages data.  Additional features will be rolled out over the next two months, including business people search, refined real estate price data, celebrity rankings, and much more.

Spokeo recently conducted a user experience/usage case analysis to better understand the needs of current and potential customers and found three main areas of user interest:

1)      Reconnecting with family and friends

2)      Exploring the backgrounds of historical figures and celebrities, and

3)      Discovering the online footprints of themselves and the people they meet

In keeping with these themes, Spokeo will continue to differentiate itself from the competition with its attractive, easy-to-follow profiles, info from nearly 100 aggregated social networks, and the largest library of celebrity photos on the web.

Below are a few recent customer success stories; it is feedback like thiswhich motivates the Spokeo team to continue makingthe best people search product on the market:

“Today, after 25 years, your site helped me find my father, and coincidentally, my grandmother.  Thank you so much, it’s been a long and trying search…Thanks to your staff and site, my father, grandmother, and I no longer have to miss out on each other’s lives.  Thanks again”

– Jade Burkett

“A man hit and ran my sister’s car. She filed a complaint. We went to court. They had the wrong address, but I found him on Spokeo!”

– @Zewdy (posted on Twitter)

“I wanted to let you guys know that thanks to your site, I was able to locate my biological father. This site was the only site that had his correct information on here. And because of the information and your site being up to date, you guys helped me locate a person I have never known existed until about two years ago.”

– Kori Purcell