Spokeo Announces Spring 2016 Scholarship Winner

We are excited to announce the fifth winner of the Spokeo Connections Scholarship (view past winners)! This semester, we received nearly 600 essays covering a wide array of famous people and their contributions to the world. Out of the many applicants, we narrowed them down to six strong finalists.

After careful review of the finalists, the reviewing committee chose Mark Hewertson of Wescosville, PA for his well-written and insightful essay about the innovative Nikola Tesla. Mark’s essay examines how Nikola Tesla’s progressive contributions to technology were overshadowed by more popular names throughout history like Thomas Edison. He provides the compelling history of Nikola Tesla’s creations and shows how these heavily influenced modern day technology.

Read Mark’s full essay [here], and learn more about the deserving scholar below.

Full Name: Mark Hewertson

Hometown: Wescosville, PA

Current School Status: Mark is a 4th semester student at Penn State University. More specifically, he studies Computer Engineering in the Pennsylvania State Schreyer Honors College at University Park.

Extra Activities: He enjoys playing intramural soccer, spending time with friends and going to concerts and stand-up shows.

Future career plans: This summer, he’s accepted an internship position at a company that specializes in creating and selling commercial and residential lighting control systems. Ultimately, after graduation, Mark plans to work for a large, NYC-based banking organization building financial market tracking technologies.