Spokeo at 7: So Fresh

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to the new look of Spokeo.com.  By redesigning the homepage and logo, we’re hoping to share a little more about what we believe in here at Spokeo and what we’re about as we continue on our mission to organize information around people.

The majority of people who visit Spokeo are looking to reunite with friends or family. In fact, we’re confident that we’ve helped facilitate more than 100,000 reunions in just the last year. This is truly a valuable use of our technology.  These reunions became the inspiration of a new creative design for our homepage, which includes a bigger focus on photography featuring people. As we celebrate our seventh birthday this April, we’re noting how much we’ve grown and are bringing a more personalized, mature style of Spokeo to our users. The photographs that are featured on the homepage were taken in our own backyard of Pasadena.


With this homepage revamp, we’re also unveiling a new logo for the Spokeo brand. The new word mark pays homage to the original blue Spokeo logo, but uses a font that was hand-crafted by one of our own designers to represent Spokeo’s unique attributes. The font is “unicase” – meaning it’s neither specifically capital letters nor lowercase, which represents Spokeo’s universal appeal. It also features an image of two people connected, representing Spokeo’s goal of continuing to help reunite people.


Our talented team members have created a short video documenting the spirit of Spokeo 7 years in and our focus on what went into the redesign. Check it out!

Spokeo’s New Look from Spokeo on Vimeo.

We’re very excited to share this news with you and hope you come back soon because there is more news around the corner. Let us know how you like the new look.

Ray Chen, CEO and Co-Founder