Spokeo Empowers Non-Profits Across the Nation

Nonprofits reach further with free Spokeo accounts.

Technology companies continue to make major impact on behalf of non-profits, charities and NGO’s every day.

2017 marks the fourth year that Spokeo has committed to helping empower non-profits reach their goals through our community grants program. Qualifying non-profits can obtain complimentary Spokeo accounts giving them easy access to essential information that endorses and helps them accomplish their mission.

Throughout this last year, we were honored to support a variety of organizations powering a plethora of deserving causes.

2017 Spokeo Community Grant Recipients:

“Spokeo provides integral access to data that can assist many wonderful causes,” shared Harrison Tang, chief executive officer, Spokeo. “We are thrilled to empower a variety of non-profits and are excited to expand our roster across more organizations.”

The non-profits use Spokeo for a range of needs including reconnecting individuals, reuniting families, looking up incomplete donor contact information, helping women and children who are victims of domestic violence and child abuse, and reconnecting with alumni of various programs.

“By utilizing Spokeo’s tools, Create Now has been able to learn more about people with resources that we hope will lead to funding for the organization in the future as well as future candidates for our board,” said Jill Gurr, founder and executive director of Create Now.

“Thank you for partnering with us to reach out to and help victims of sexual assault and rape. With your help, we’re not only changing the lives of victims, but also bringing to justice those that have invaded and interrupted innocent lives,” noted Alecia Caudill, CAPCAN Program Director at Family Services of North Alabama

“The data searches do save a lot of time and are a great go-to… we help women who are crime victims, or whose civil and human rights have been violated, who need to gather information that will help them locate the person who has wronged them, so they can proceed with bringing that person to justice,” said Karin Wolf of the Women’s Civil Liberties Union.

“We’ve used Spokeo to update donor contact information, especially going into our current end-of-year giving campaign. It’s been very helpful to get phone numbers and emails to those folks we’ve lost touch with,” shared martin Mai Development Director for UCLA Unicamp.

With its diverse capabilities, Spokeo is able to positively impact and support foundations, each in their own unique way. We’re looking forward to more exciting updates in 2018!