Spokeo Hackathon 2015

2015 Spokeo Hackathon Champs, McSpokeo

On June 25, Spokeo hosted its first-ever employee hackathon. For one 24-hour period, the office’s 7th floor was the epicenter of action for the next great Spokeo idea. Employees were tasked with creating a project that  was related to organizing information about people. The idea had to somehow be Spokeo-relevant, but could run the gamut from prototyping new products, to improving existing ones. More than 18 teams put their hearts, minds, and sanity on the line to compete without any limitations (or sleep) on what they could create.

From utilizing facial recognition, to reinventing an advanced search, to utilizing Amazon Echo for hands free searches, and even to implementing live chat for our customer service portal (and more!) Spokeo employees from all disciplines, did not disappoint. After an all-employee vote, one champion team was crowned and three were given an additional nod of recognition. Check out the photos below!

Spokeo Hackathon

Hackathon Presentations

The Spokeo Interns team!
The Spokeo interns team