Spokeo Launches Version 8.0: Responsive Design

If you frequent the Spokeo site, you may have noticed some very pleasant changes lately. Over the past few days, we’ve been proudly rolling out version 8.0 of our site. What does 8.0 entail? A lot of prettier finishes, but mostly responsive design!

What does responsive design mean to you, the user? Responsive design is a framework that allows a Website to automatically self-adjust to the size of the browser that you’re viewing it with. So whether you’re reverse searching phone numbers on a large desktop screen, a small laptop or on your phone screen, your Spokeo experience will be consistent and pleasant.

For instance. If you’re searching a name on a desktop, you’ll see something like this:


But if you’re searching on your phone, it will just adjust itself accordingly to look much prettier on your screen.


The framework eliminated the navigation on the left and instead of three columns to show you the record data, it adjusts to two. This is much cleaner and easier for you to navigate on a small window. We’re looking out for you!

Previously, there were two separate versions of the site: a desktop site and a mobile site, resulting to two slightly different experiences within Spokeo. With the implementation of responsive design, there’s now one cohesive Spokeo site that adjusts itself to best fit whichever device you’re using. We’re continuing to roll this new version out across the entire site, including the blog, over the next few weeks.

This change was very important to us as almost half (roughly 48%) of Spokeo’s traffic, comes from users browsing on mobile devices or tablets. The release of Spokeo 8.0 not only means prettier things to look at, due to more “retina-friendly” designs that won’t get blurry on your phone, but it also means faster loading times. Wahoo!

Spokeo 8.0 also provides a baseline framework to allow for the big changes that we’re prepping for in the release of Spokeo 9.0. We’re not talking about that just yet, but we’ll tell you that it will be BIG! For now, we hope you enjoy the nicer visuals the new upgrades allow you whatever your preferred people searching device may be.

Tell us. What do you think of the new design?