Spokeo Partners with Mixed Roots to Help Reunite More Families

As the next step in our ongoing commitment to help more people reconnect, Spokeo has partnered up with Mixed Roots Foundation (an adoptee-led non profit that supports adoptees and their families) to launch a program to honor search angels.

What are search angels? Nice people who help others search? Yes! But they are also actually a named group of volunteers who donate their time and resources to helping people (mostly adoptees) search for and reunite with their birth families. These volunteers help adoptees and their families comb through birth records and various clues employing tools like Spokeo to find the long lost family members. Beyond this dedicated sleuthing work, they also provide crucial emotional and friendly support to help adoptees and birth parents take this important step in their lives.

To kick off our effort in assisting more families, Spokeo and Mixed Roots are launching the “Spokeo Search Angel Awards.” With this program, we’ll be working with a group of community leaders to help us recognize, support and honor the top search angels in the nation.

We’re very proud of our partnership with the Mixed Roots Foundation and other community  partners (which we’ll tell you about soon) who have signed on in support of our effort. With the help of organizations like these we’ll really be able to reach the people who need the help of a search angel and touch many lives. Mixed Roots was founded by adoptee Holly Choon Hyang Bachman and focuses on helping improve the lives of adoptees and their families. Search angels are an amazing resource to many adoptees and birth parents and as a part of the organization’s search angel fund, Mixed Roots will be providing a cash grant to the winners of the Spokeo Search Angel Awards.

Spokeo will provide premium accounts to help angels with their searches as well as additional resources and financial support once they’ve made a match. From plane tickets to hotel expenses, Spokeo isn’t going to let a dip in finances stop families from reuniting.

We look forward to sharing many more details about this program, which we are all truly passionate about here at Spokeo. We’ll send out a call for nominations in the next few weeks. If you know of anyone who would be interested in the program or might know someone who should be nominated for the award, just have them shoot us an email at searchangels@spokeo.com and we’ll be sure to send them more information.

For now we’re happy to celebrate the new partnership with Mixed Roots and are busy nailing down the final details for the Spokeo Search Angel Awards. Stay tuned!