Spokeo Reunions – Fred and Bubba

Fred , Bubba and their wives at their recent reunion!
Fred, Bubba and their wives at their recent reunion.

If there’s any story that deserves to be told it’s that of Fred and his friend Bubba. Fred, Bubba and their wives were all very close when they lived in Fort Knox, KY. But as all young couples’ lives take them on different adventures, Fred and his wife headed for Germany and Bubba and his wife went to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA.

More than thirty years later, Fred got extremely ill. Just in the last five years alone, he’s undergone 30 surgical procedures, but he continues forward knowing that attitude is the most precious asset one can have in life. He decided to try to reconnect with his dear friend in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Tennessee to see his daughter.

“You go online and you come to the end of all of these things, and everyone wants you to spend $20 or $30,” Fred recalled. “I saw [Spokeo’s] ad for $.95 and I thought I’d try it.”

Fred sent a note to the email Spokeo provided and, though he thought it would be a long shot, hoped for the best. Turns out, it was Bubba after all! They exchanged phone numbers right away and the two couples got together in Tennessee last October after 37 years apart.

“Thanks to your help, I was able to reconnect with a longtime comrade and now we’re comrades again. But of course you never lose that.”