Spokeo Search Angel Spotlight: Connie Lynn Gray

Known as “Texas Search Angel”, Connie was adopted from the Texas state foster care system at age nine and two weeks after turning 18, she petitioned the courts for her original birth certificate and was granted access. Within two years of obtaining her records, Connie had reunited with her sisters and her parents. She’s been helping adoptees and birth families reconnect since the 1970’s and is fueled by the belief that every person is entitled to his or her own genetic history. Connie knows life is fragile and the opportunity to reunite can disappear before you know it. Though she’s fully dedicated as a volunteer searcher and adoptee rights advocate, she’s always been in the business of helping others. As an emergency room nurse she helped cared for others even throughout her own battle against kidney cancer. She now helps people in the search for homes as a real estate agent. We are proud to introduce her as one of our five 2013 Spokeo Search Angel Award winners and hope you enjoy this video that features her sharing her thoughts on search and reunion.