Spokeo Success Stories: An old photo


We’ve had the opportunity to share some pretty touching reunions lately! We know people use Spokeo daily to find family and friends that they’ve lost touch with, and we’re often surprised with the uniqueness of the stories and people we are able to help out. Sometimes, something as simple as a photo can spark a research and reconnection experience.

Edward was a recent Spokeo user whose mother had passed away a few years ago. He’d recently worked to scan all of her photos into digital files. Among them, he found pictures of his mother’s close friend, Naomi, from her high school years. He remembered how close his mother and her friend were. They married around the same time and each had two children who were close in age. The families spent a lot of time together until Edward’s family moved away in 1955.

The mothers stayed in touch, but after Edward’s father passed in 1984, all contact was lost between the families. Edward knew how close the friends were and figured his childhood friends would greatly appreciate these photos of their mother.

After a quick search on Spokeo, he was in touch and was able to pass on the photos. Reconnections made and memories shared. Spokeo makes it simple as that!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Search and name and reconnect with a dear old friend today!