Tech Talent Tuesday: Austin

Today we’re excited for you to get to know one of Spokeo’s true MVP’s.



Nick Name:
“That Loud Dude Over There”

Title: “Lead Software Architect”
Original title was: Senior Software Engineer

Tell us about your job. What do you do? 

I lead two development teams that work on the Spokeo consumer experience and the overall performance of Spokeo.  In layman’s terms we add new features and make sure we do it quickly so that the user’s of Spokeo can quickly enjoy Spokeo’s ever expanding features.

Life before Spokeo:

Seriously I have had a fruitful career in various industries as an engineer.  I have worked at companies such as Intuit, YellowPages, and 72andSunny to name a few.  That being said Spokeo has easily been my favorite company to work for.

Lazy cat
Austin’s work ethic is… better than this.

Most interesting Spokeo Project: 

There have been so many great and interesting projects in the last six years I have been at Spokeo.  If I had to pick just one it would be migrating our infrastructure from servers in downtown LA to Amazon’s cloud.

Favorite Spokeo event ever: 

The yearly holiday parties are great.  Spokeo’s culture team somehow outdo themselves every year.