Tech Talent Tuesday: Dave

Dave Yu says cheers!

Tech Talent Tuesday is a monthly series where we introduce you to one of the talented members of the product team at Spokeo. We’re an extremely close-knit group and pride ourselves on the great culture we’ve built. Hope you enjoy getting to know our tech minds! 


First name: Dave

Title: Principal Software Developer; joined Spokeo as a Senior Software Developer

Tell us about your job. What do you do? My focus is on maintaining and improving the performance of the Spokeo website. We have a ton of rich data that we want to make available to users, and performance is key to fast and reliable access  for both people and search engines. There’s a lot of variety in my job, from optimizing small pieces of code to developing massive-scale caching systems.

Life before Spokeo: I started off in San Diego at EMN8 (now Tillster), developing tools to customize self-service kiosks for restaurants. Then before Spokeo, I spent several years leading a small dev team in YP’s Technology Operations group in Glendale.

Most interesting Spokeo Project:  We needed to cache on a large scale, and off-the-shelf solutions didn’t quite meet our requirements, so we built our own web page cache that now exceeds 10 terabytes of storage, and we’re just getting started!

Favorite Spokeo event ever: I love the summer picnics. They’re family friendly and our amazing Culture team does a great job with outdoor activities (human foosball!)

Words of advice: Growth in software development is built on a pile of failures. From failing unit tests to website outages, they’re all just opportunities to learn, especially when you’re part of a good team.