Tech Talent Tuesday: Jorge

First name:  Jorge

Title:  Software Architect / Team Lead

Was this your original title at Spokeo?

No, I started as Sr. Software Developer

Tell us about your job. What do you do?

I work on Spokeo’s Web Application team.  I’m responsible for much of the customer-facing experience.  I help maintain the website’s functionality, as well as building the hottest new features. There’s always something interesting to create, and it’s rather rewarding knowing that my work is impacting millions of users.

Life before Spokeo:

I worked in few different companies throughout Orange County before working my way to LA County.  Most recently, I worked at AllDigital, and SendGrid before that.

Most interesting Spokeo Project:

Our upcoming Connections product is always an interesting challenge.  I think it has a lot of potential to be integrated into people’s lives. [more on that to come!]

Favorite Spokeo event ever:

Our company anniversary parties are consistently fun, and increasingly awesome.  Our last party had sumo wrestling, piñatas, and a hologram.  I’m always looking forward to seeing how the next party is going to top the last one.

Words of Advice:

Push yourself
Try new things
Make mistakes
Keep learning