Tech Talent Tuesday: Karen


First Name: Ke

Nick Name: Karen

Title: Senior Data and Search Engineer (I was software engineer when I started working at Spokeo)

Tell us about your job. What do you do?

I am currently leading the ETL project within backend team. This includes building decoupled and clean structures with microservices, optimizing data normalization logic, automating ETL flows to ingest, sanitize and store data. I also conduct research on a variety of  big data tools to find any potential improvements for our data processing efficiency as well as our  data quality.

Life before Spokeo:

Student, Student, Student, haha~ I graduated from Cornell University with a Masters degree and Fudan University in China with Bachelors degree in computer science. Also, I completed a 9-month internship in in China with  IBM for Global Process Services, working on the business intelligence team.

Most interesting Spokeo Project:

All backend projects! Especially right now, as we are moving to the cloud and I get a chance to learn more about AWS and get more hands-on experience with their fancy tools and other big data technologies.

Favorite Spokeo event ever:

The first Christmas party for me back to 2013, Great Gasby Night — Casino!!! So much of fun and unforgettable for me 🙂

Words of advice:

Be passionate bout your work, and keep yourself updated on the latest technology.
Be a team player; you’ll never know how much you can learn from other people.
Be confident, careful, reliable and responsible, and build high-quality products.