Tech Talent Tuesday: Mike


First name: Mike 

Title: Senior Software Developer (started as Software Developer at Spokeo)

Tell us about your job. What do you do? I work on the middleware team, which is responsible for a lot of our internal tools and API’s.  I am currently working with our analytics team, building out a robust BI (Business Intelligence) platform, which will allow us to make informed decisions about the overall revenue and costs for the company. 

Life before Spokeo: I worked at an ad agency in Rancho Cucamonga building launch sites for new toys, video games and other products.  It was a small development team (3 people) and we juggled many quick turn around projects.  The quick and diverse project forced us to  learn a lot and optimize our tools and workflows.

Most interesting Spokeo Project: Building out our Business Intelligence platform has taught me a lot about the inner workings of a company.  Additionally, having to handle large amounts of data and figure out how it all fits together is both challenging and rewarding.  The new technologies (Redshift, ETL processing, AWS SQS, etc) have opened my mind to new techniques I can use to solve future problems.

Favorite Spokeo event ever: Our Game of Thrones themed Anniversary Party.  Getting people to dress up and hang out in a castle was a lot of fun.


Words of advice: Always look for challenge. If you are coasting along, you’re missing out on life.