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Home StoriesConnectors Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories

by Ashley Viloria

Time may pass, but memories always live on. Diane was cleaning her house and found a bunch of old photographs. As she was looking through them, she realized that a few of them were of an old boyfriend and his son. Although things didn’t work out between them, she knew the value of these captured moments.

Going Down Memory Lane

Diane and her old boyfriend, Joe, dated over 20 years ago. While they were together, they went on many adventures. Both shared a love of the outdoors and enjoyed driving around in their Jeep, going rafting, and visiting national parks. Joe’s son, who was around the age of 8 during that time, often joined them on these trips. They loved taking photographs and there were quite a few of Joe and his son. She knew that she had to find Joe – not to rekindle an old flame, but because she felt that these memories needed to be shared with him.

Sharing Memories

Since two decades had passed since Diane had last spoken to Joe, she didn’t have any recent contact information for him. She joined Spokeo and searched for him in the last city she remembered him living in. After her search results popped up, she found a phone number and called. Although he was initially a bit shy, Joe and Diane caught up and he gave Diane his address so that she could mail the photos to him.

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Diane was very grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with Joe and she loved sharing those treasured memories from the past with him.

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