Version 9.0 Launches Following Spokeo’s Migration to Amazon Web Services

Have you noticed any new options available to you while searching on Spokeo in the last few weeks? Or perhaps better and faster results when you search a name? Spokeo recently released version 9.0 to all of the premium users and we’re very excited about what it means for you!


All About Version 9.0

There are a few things that users will notice easily and some bigger, behind the scenes, changes that won’t be so obvious to you.


Users will notice:

1. Faster and better search results! – Our recent transition to the cloud with Amazon Web Services enables us to search our data in new, faster ways and we’re bringing you better and faster results.

2. You can now choose how to narrow your search results – Map view and list view are both displayed simultaneously so that you can decide how you want to find who you’re looking for. (Previously only one or the other was available)

3. Additional data types available in initial results – Listview offers additional search relationships to help you find the person you’re looking for. (Instead of drilling down the map, you can find other options to help you narrow down: family members, age, etc.)

Behind the scenes:

1. Spokeo can now process data MUCH faster – New data ingestion previously took months; now we can merge new data in just days. This means fresher and more accurate data coming to you more regularly and the ability for us to process a higher search volume at once.

2. Cloud technology enables us with the flexibility to be more innovative – We’ve said it before, Spokeo is focused on being innovative and always introducing you to better technology. Our migration to the cloud allows us to try new things on temporary server space, without committing to the purchase and maintenance of additional physical servers.

3. We’re now able to develop more quickly – the cloud system cuts back on some of the time previously required with our old system. Now our developers can get newer and better products to you more quickly.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Spokeo was founded in 2006 and has grown to serve 18 million unique monthly visitors. You can only imagine what kind of a datacenter we’ve built up in the last 9 years and what a maintenance nightmare it was becoming. Our transition to the cloud wasn’t an easy or quick one, but we worked hard for months to make it happen and are glad we chose AWS! Scalability, flexibility and speed of development were our reasons for wanting to move to the cloud, and in addition to meeting those needs, AWS also offers several other tools that we’re loving. Their offerings constantly improve and we are excited about what this means for the future of Spokeo!


Our move to the cloud was absolutely instrumental for being able to provide these latest updates. Version 9.0 is simply the beginning of what this newest transition means to Spokeo. We’re looking forward to even bigger and better releases in the coming months to help you continue to research and reconnect with others. Stay tuned.